Why You Need Social Media Management

Businesses in South Africa are realising that we cannot afford to neglect social media any longer.  The amount of exposure that your brand could potentially achieve by properly utilising social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest is astounding. Consumers today expect businesses to have a point of contact on popular social networks.  If you aren’t engaging your customers/fan base in the social world you are definitely not realising the full potential of your business. Based on our Clients demand we started our Social Media Management service.



Whether your business is best suited to a presence on LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, YouTube, or a blog network, we’ll help you use social media to create a community and a conversation around your brand with your audience – on their terms. As it progresses, we’ll monitor your campaign so that you have access to valuable feedback about what’s working and what isn’t, as well as key insights into your target audience. Social media efforts will also complement your SEO campaign: search engines value websites with new and updated content, such as blogging regularly or adding news content to your site, and the buzz created around social media will increase the number of inbound links to your site.

Simple Social Media Management Starter Package Only R 1500.00 a month

1. Create Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages

2. 15 Facebook Posts, 15 Tweets and 10 Google+ Posts


Social Media Management

Social media marketing has, furthermore, become a big part of Google SEO  with social signals being a strong factor in search engine rankings.  Every time your website/blog gets mentioned on a a social network, that counts as vote for your content. The more votes you get, the better Google thinks your website is.

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Bsquared Ideas Social Media Management


Bsquared ideas will create an integrated long-term campaign that speaks with your “Brand Voice” and is completely managed by us so you don’t need to worry.

Let’s be honest – social media management takes time.  You’re a business owner/entrepreneur, we know you don’t have the time to be constantly interacting with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers, let alone growing your followings on social networks and keeping abreast of all the constant changes in the social media world.  



We understand the fact that you’re busy and for this reason we are offering social media management services for all small to medium business owners. For a low monthly fee we can help you:

    • Engage and Interact with your Facebook Fans & Twitter followers

    • Post relevant updates to your social media pages regularly

    • Grow your fans and following on your brand’s social media outlets

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  • Help you run promotions and competitions through your social network pages

  • Design your Facebook and Google + pages to match your brand

  • Manage your Ad campaigns on Google , Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn

The key to effective marketing through social media is constant, relevant interaction. We have grown a number of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to thousands of fans and followers by adding value and stimulating interest in the brands through social media.


Simple Social Media Management Starter Package Only R2500.00 a month

1. Create Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages

2. 15 Facebook Posts, 15 Tweets and 10 Google+ Posts

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Our social media management services deliver powerful results just like that to our clients because we create the strategy, plan and run the campaigns and do all the follow up so you can focus 100% on Core business.