Why are Google SEO & ADWORDS so vital to success?

If you have invested in a website, your number one priority is to make others aware of your website. Without traffic, it will be impossible for your online business to reach its sales goals. The eCommerce industry’s secret weapon is generating targeted traffic, and your ability to QUICKLY draw in focused visitors to your website will make or break your online business.

First Page Listing Guaranteed by Bsquared Ideas – Get Conversions NOT just traffic


  • Currently Managing over 30 Companies Google Adwords Campaigns

  • Holistic Approach – Get your website Landing pages optimised , Drive traffic that is very targeted, Get the visitors to CONVERT – Complete a form or Call or purchase. 

  • Link Campaigns directly to your SEO to build your organic rating over time. Contact Us Now if you want to get Conversions from your website.



Our Bsquared Google team starting using Google Adwords and Online Marketing in 2008 for other businesses and over the last six years have grown sales leads by over 80% year on year and sales by over 30% each year.

See Your Website at The Top of Searches

Advertising your business at the very top of Google’s search results is an extremely effective way to advertise your business. As the only people who see your site, are those actively searching for your products or services. Statistics show that over 60% of users will now click the very top 3 listings on Google’s first page. Therefore if you offer what the searcher is looking for, you are more than likely going to get their custom.


The difference between your site receiving general traffic and Google Adwords targeted traffic is seemingly small, but the effect on your business can be monumental. Targeted Google Adwords traffic consists of consumers who are specifically searching for the products, services or information that your site has to offer, whereas general traffic consists of internet users who are just passing through and taking their money with them. Targeted Google Adwords traffic is web traffic that will contribute to your online sales , leads and growth.

Bsquared Google Adwords and SEO Management solution will;

  • Implement Google Adwords Keywords that deliver results.

  • Provide a view on what your competitors have implemented in Google Adwords Marketing.

  • Create your Pay per Click adverts that deliver results.

  • Optimise and Manage your account (Existing Accounts included).

  • Advice on your website to ensure it is designed to generate profit and is not simply an online brochure.

  • Ensure that Once Potential Customers get to your website they convert to generate sales leads, orders, email lists etc

  • Provide you with detailed performance reports

  • Give you results – Quickly